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Starting is still the easiest thing to do till date.

You know the normal drill.

Create a blog, stuff it with “quality” posts, cross your fingers tight and hope wait for it to grow - - - - - - - -- - - - >>> but we already know It doesn't work like that anymore.

SEO is an ever changing game; if you don’t pursue and switch to the latest SEO strategies whenever Google changes their search algorithm, you tend to tank behind and lose traffic on end.

That’s where I come in.

I use this blog to show you things happening in SEO all over the internet. How exactly some strategies work, how you can implement it. Down to earth and very simple steps to follow in other to put to practice what I've seen to work online.

This blog is for everyone. Whether you are an affiliate marketer (newbie or advanced), or SEO analyst (advanced or new to the game) or just a plain blogger; no matter the category, you're truly in the right place to learn the basics. 

Resources for Beginner and Intermediate SEOers and Marketers

Resources for Advanced SEOers and Marketers

These are just snippet of what i plan to offer.

But you might ponder . . .  What’s the difference from all those numerous SEO blogs online to this blog (your blog)?  Aren't they all the “same”?

Well, I think there are lots of sites online that preaches mainly on SEO. And let truth be told, we might be a little more alike in what we sometimes say. But there is one thing I know can offer which a lot of them can’t. 

Very Descriptive and Easy to understand Strategies that you can implement at once . . .

And since I’m literally coming from a “tutorial background”, I tend to explain things in such a way that even toddler (lol) can understand.

That’s what I plan to offer you on this blog ---->>>> nothing but value.

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